20 March 2020
Registrations from 8am | Close at 4pm
The Metropolis, Southbank
Melbourne, VIC

Never before has there been so much change affecting the customers and providers of professional services. Professional services firms face the double-edged sword of disruption by newcomers and technology while at the same time strengthening their ability to serve clients in better, faster, cheaper ways by adopting new business models and technologies. 

Clients are demonstrating that ‘more for less’ is a real demand, not a slogan. Yet the players in the professional services ecosystem seldom, if ever, meet to exchange ideas and learn from each other. 

Clients and Firms – Collaborating in the Digital Era is designed to put this future into an actionable context.

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Keynote speaker

Dr Stefan Hajkowicz, Principal Scientist in Strategic Foresight, CSIRO’s Data61, author and TEDx speaker. Explorer of future trends, risks and scenarios. Helping firms plan for change and make wiser choices.

Stefan will first walk us through the six digital megatrends he has identified. The remaining sessions will be practical deep dive explorations into some of these megatrends.

Chairs, Speakers and Panelists


8.00 - 8.45Registration
8.45 - 9.00Welcome address
9.00 - 9.50

Keynote: Digital Megatrends

Chair: Dr George Beaton
Speaker: Dr Stefan Hajkowicz, Principal Scientist in Strategic Foresight at CSIRO’s Data61

This session forecasts plausible futures using methods of strategic foresight pioneered at CSIRO's Data61. Stefan will describe the coming decade of digital disruption through the lens of six interlinked megatrends. In each subsequent session, we will explore how each megatrend will shape professional services, have in-depth conversations with each other, and share practical lessons and lived experiences.
9.50 - 10.45

Session 1: Data Driven Organisations

Chair: Michelle Fitzgerald, Chief Digital Officer and Director Technology & Digital Innovation at City of Melbourne
Speaker: Denise Doyle, Legal Enablement Lead at Telstra

This session will explore the question, What does a data-driven organisation look like? We will delve into how organisations start their data journeys, the qualitative gains you can expect to see, and what will set you apart from others. Denise will share her experience and provide real life examples of how using data in different scenarios has led to productivity and efficiency benefits in many organisations.
10.45 - 11.15Morning break
11.15 - 12.30

Session 2: Future-proofing Your Workforce for Digital

Chair: Julian Uebergang, Managing Director Asia Pacific at Neota Logic
Speaker: Dr Kristine Dery, Research Scientist at MIT Sloan School of Management

In this session we share ways in which organisations approach the challenge of attracting, enabling, developing and retaining talent to enable their business strategies in a digital world. Kristine's research at MIT CISR offers insights into how investments in the employee experience enable organisations to enact different options to engage people, and how these options deliver business value. Through case studies and discussion she will bring this research to life in ways that are relevant to participants around how to future-proof their workforce.
12.30 - 1.30Lunch break
1.30 - 2.45

Session 3: Burning Platforms and Digital Dilemmas

Chair: Louise Adams, Managing Director Australia & New Zealand at Aurecon
Speaker: Stephen Hanson, Director at KPMG Australia

Contemporary professional services firms face a pace of chance that is unprecedented. Where firms have traditionally grown based on discipline based competencies and subject matter expertise, an understanding (and adoption) of emerging technology platforms will be critical to succeed in the future. This session will focus on leveraging public data and the use of advanced analytics to create insights for clients and key stakeholders along with how the way firms are evolving the collaboration methods when sharing such insights.
2.45 - 3.45

Session 4: Panel

Chair: Dr Nick Fleming, Managing Director at Innergise, Non-Executive Director at Engineers Australia
Panel members: Louise Adams (Aurecon), Michelle Fitzgerald (City of Melbourne), Dr Stefan Hajkowicz (Data61), Leanne Hughson (WorkSafe Victoria), Niels Maartens (YBF Ventures)

3.45 - 4.00Wrap-up and close

Advisory Board members

7 reasons to participate

  1. Practical understanding of what digital transformation, disintermediation and globalisation mean for your organisation and your clients / customers / students
  2. Where startups / scaleups fit in your ecosystem
  3. A realistic assessment of the pace, directions and drivers of change in your professional services supply chain 
  4. Strategies for attracting, nurturing and leading your growing digital native workforce
  5. New ideas from other professions, firms, clients, startups / scaleups and the Faculty
  6. Build a roadmap during the day which you will use to lead change 
  7. Be part of the buzz

Who should participate

  • Leaders of progressive professional services firms
  • Clients invited by these firms
  • Startups and scaleups in professional services
  • Investors
  • Strategic vendors
  • Educators and Regulators

Maximum attendance: 250


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Event details

Key details:

  • Time: 8am–4pm
  • Date: 20 March 2020, the day after the Client Choice Awards
  • Location: The Metropolis, Southbank, Melbourne, VIC

Use the Southgate entrance. There will be signs placed outside the venue to direct attendees.

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beaton is dedicated to providing professional services firms with insights and advice related to their clients and business performance. We are the leading ‘Voice of Your Clients’ specialists, providing firms with world-class client feedback-based products, services and value-adding advice. Professional services firms rely on us to help them improve their client service, brand health and profitability. 

In recent years beaton has been dedicated to finding ways for many more firms of all sizes to gain deeper insights from their clients through the Client Choice Awards. The Awards are Australia and New Zealand’s gold standard source of credible and cost-effective client feedback.